Cardiac Vision - Pioneering in Transitional, Housecall, and Sports Cardiology

Cardiac Vision is committed to delivering post acute care during COVID-19. We will be providing 24/7 access on site and on-call coverage in patients homes and in all of our health care facilities.

Cardiac Vision is a Physician owned and nationally led cardiology practice focused on delivering highly specialized care to Post-Acute facilities. By practicing a preventive rather than a reactive approach, Cardiac Vision has a proven model of reducing hospitalizations and improving outcomes for their patient.

We are focused on providing skilled Cardiac, Renal and Pulmonary care to Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted and Independent Living Facilities. Cardiac, Renal, and Pulmonary Disease encompass a significant portion of the Chronic Diseases seen in SNF/ALF/ILF. Our mission is to tackle this issue by providing our services directly to the SNF, ALF, and ILF; lead to reduced hospitalizations and improved patient outcomes. 

Also, we provide transitional cardiology which is a brand new field that bridges the gap between hospital based care and skilled nursing facilities as well as providing cardiac care at patient’s own home.  We link the transition from patient’s hospital discharge to the patient’s primary cardiologist. Dr. Junaid Ahmed and staff at Cardiac Vision is the first cardiac practice in the nation to offer these services.

In addition, Cardiac Vision’s sports cardiology program works with athletes from teens to adults with wide-ranging abilities.  From identifying congenital cardiovascular conditions that place young athletes at risk for the extremely rare sudden cardiac deaths we see reported in the news, to caring for the cardiac needs of professional athletes and weekend warriors, our program offers expert assessment and individualized training plans tailored to the needs of each athlete. 

The entire staff is focused on providing the most reputable, reliable cardiovascular care to patients from all walks of life and we look forward to serving you.