Cardiac Vision

Cardiac Vision is a Physician owned and nationally led cardiology practice focused on delivering highly specialized care to Post-Acute facilities.

Our Mission

Cardiac Vision is a Physician owned and led national company focused on delivering highly specialized care to Post-Acute facilities. By practicing a preventive rather than a reactive approach, Cardiac Vision has a proven model of reducing hospitalizations and improving outcomes for their patient.

Our primary goal is to help patients transition from the hospital to skilled rehab facilities and then to a stable home environment. With the help of Cardiorenal Therapeutics it has now become a national physician owned practice that is providing cutting edge resources with multiple physician led specialties in other states such as Illinois, Texas, and Washington State. If you already have a cardiologist, Cardiac Vision will work together with your cardiologist and/or health care team.

Cardiac Vision

Transitional Post Acute Cardiology

Transitional cardiology bridges the gap between transition from hospital discharge, skilled nursing facilities  to patient’s own cardiologist.

ALF, IND, & House Call Cardiology

Dr. Junaid Ahmed is the first cardiologist in Jacksonville to provide individualized and private services to patients, in the convenience of your home!

Sports Cardiology

We recognize the importance of athletics for cardiac patients and the significance of the sudden cardiac deaths that have occurred in a small number of athletes. Sports Cardiology is a relatively new area of medicine focused on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac conditions in athletes.

Evidenced Base Approach in the Post Acute


Locations We Provide Services