Cardiac Vision Sports Cardiology Services

At Cardiac Vision, we recognize the importance of athletics for cardiac patients and the significance of the sudden cardiac deaths that have occurred in a small number of athletes. Sports Cardiology is a relatively new area of medicine focused on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac conditions in athletes. The American College of Cardiology recognizes the subspecialty and identifies the goals of a dedicated sport cardiology program as the adequate screening, identification and rehabilitation of athletes, ultimately returning them to their optimal level of play.

Patients who might benefit from a sports cardiology evaluation include:

  • Those with a family member who experienced sudden death at an early age or who have a family history of other cardiovascular conditions
  • Athletes experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain or chest palpitations during exercise or sports competition
  • Anyone with an unexplained deterioration in athletic performance
  • Those seeking clearance to participate in sports following a cardiac event, cardiac surgery, or who have been diagnosed with heart disease
  • Any athlete with cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlididemia, obesity, etc.
  • Sedentary individuals who want to begin an exercise program

Thorough cardiovascular screening performed by a qualified sports cardiologist at Cardiac Vision can reveal unknown heart disorders and help prevent the rare, fatal cardiovascular deaths of young athletes. It can also assist athletes of all levels and ages in developing safe, effective training techniques thereby reducing the risk of a cardiovascular incident before, during and after competition.

Aside from screening for congenital and acquired cardiac diseases, we assess for the following conditions, which can be disabling to athletes who are trying to reach their peak cardiovascular fitness level

Peripheral vascular disease is a particular cardiac risk factor that not only limits athletic performance, but also interferes with daily activities. At Cardiac Vision, we are pleased to provide evaluation and management of peripheral vascular disease along with a variety of medical conditions that can be improved through lifestyle changes.

In addition to cardiac and health screenings, the Cardiac Vision team works with individuals ranging from recreational athletes to high school, college, professional and retired athletes. We assist both athletes and non-athletes in setting and achieving weight loss goals through customized weight loss programs developed and monitored by our medical team.

As leaders in the field of sports cardiology, Cardiac Vision provides expert assessment and individualized training plans tailored to the needs of each of their patient athletes.