Cardiac Vision and ECG screening in Athletes

Summer is the time for school physicals and at Cardiac Vision we want all of our athletes from high schools, colleges, professional, or even recreational athletes to be safe. We have partnered up with Who We Play For to do routine ECG’s for athletes aside from the history and physical. Now there is a whole controversy regarding the benefits of routine ECG screening in athletes. Some raise the question if it is needed at all given the low incidence of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in the US, why is it mandated in Europe?, is it cost effective?, does it increase the cost given the high rate of false positives?, and the most common concern is how do we get our athletes back into play in a timely manner given the increased false positive readings. Our question to everyone is “how much is it worth to you to avoid one traumatic death of a young athlete for maybe less than one percent of your overall sports budget?” Unfortunately, we are contacted once something fatal happens in a high school or even at a college level sporting event. Once the institution seeks our services, they realize the low cost, our amazing turn around time for athletes to be back in play, and how much the parents and the whole community appreciates the fact that we are doing everything to protect the athlete. We have been dealing with student and recreational athletes for the past 3 years and are of aware of the barriers to make sure athletes are safe and actualizing their potential to be the best.  Currently, we are screening atUniversity of North Florida, College of Coastal Georgia, and local high schools in Jacksonville such as Bolle’s Highschool, Ponta Vedra Highschool, Duval Charters School Academy, University Christian and etc.. Let us know if your institution is interested not only in Jacksonville and Chicago, but any other city. Check out our team doing screenings at UNF. We can always use volunteers to be part of a fun and rewarding event.