Transitional Cardiology Chicago

Transitional cardiology is a brand new field that bridges the gap between hospital based care and skilled nursing facilities as well cardiac care at patient’s own home.  Dr. Junaid Ahmed and staff at Cardiac Vision is the first cardiac practice in the nation to offer these services.

Mostly the elderly who suffer from a variety of health conditions often need health care services in different settings to meet their many needs. Transitional cardiac care is based on a comprehensive plan of care that is provided by our physicians and health care practitioners who are well-trained in chronic care to meet the patient’s individualized goals, preferences, and clinical status. It includes logistical arrangements, education of the patient and family, and coordination among the patient’s own cardiology group.  In the Chicago location, Cardiac Vision has partnered up with multiple Chicago area hospitals and cardiology practices to make the smooth transition from the hospital to the SNF, rehab, or LTAC setting.  Currently, we are present at these skilled nursing facilities: Alden Northmoor, Chicago Harmony Health and Rehab, and St. Elizabeth nursing facility. Transitional cardiac care, which encompasses the transition from hospital discharge to patient’s own cardiologist, is essential for all patients with complex cardiac care needs.