Cardiac Vision Transitional, House Call, and Sports Cardiology Programs

The general cardiology services at Cardiac Vision are designed to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of the heart and circulatory system for both males and females. Although there are many similarities between women and men when it comes to heart disease, they are not the same. Women often experience different symptoms, a later onset and a poorer prognosis than men. At Cardiac Vision, we acknowledge these differences and tailor our education and treatment protocols accordingly.

Despite the fact that heart disease is preventable, it remains the leading cause of death for both women and men. We are committed to the prevention of heart disease and encourage patients to schedule an appointment for evaluation when:

Hypercholesterolemia /Hyperlipidemia

(or there is a family history of high cholesterol)

Family history of heart disease

Cardiac symptoms including

Patients with risk factors including

Shortness of breath

Chest pain

High blood pressure


Irregular heartbeat

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath





Following evaluation at Cardiac Vision, patients are issued a personal cardiac report card designating them as high, intermediate or low risk for a cardiac event. We then begin the process of reducing that risk through healthy lifestyle changes and medical intervention.

In addition, Cardiac Vision offers an innovative sports cardiology program serving a full range of male and female athletes from recreational sports enthusiasts to high-level competitors.

We provide comprehensive cardiovascular care for athletes of all ages including:

  • Screening to prevent sudden cardiac arrest
  • Evaluation of athletes who have experienced deterioration in their performance
  • Evaluation of cardiac symptoms that present during physical activity
  • Expert management of athletes with known heart conditions

Furthermore, we are pioneering in transitional cardiac care. Both in the Chicago and Jacksonville area, we have partnered up with many cardiology groups as well as hospitals to make the transition from the hospital to the patient’s primary cardiologists. We see patient’s at the SNF, ALF, LTAC’s, as well as at their own home to prevent hospital re-admissions, improve quality of care, and to coordinate a smooth transition to the patient’s own cardiologist. Dr. Junaid Ahmed and staff at Cardiac Vision are the first cardiac practice in the nation to offer these services. Please check out the the transition cardiology tab for further information (under Cardiology Services)